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Was ist das  [ Deutsch A1 ] Preview
summary: Introduction to German articles, nouns, what is this? this is a tiger, colors, first adjectives, making first sentences. [16 pages] 

Die regelmäßigen Verben  [ Deutsch A1 ] Preview
summary: Rules on conjugation of regular verbs and regular verbs with slight exceptions, many exercises. [15 pages]

Fragen und Antworten [ Deutsch A1 ] Preview
summary: Questions and answers about name, age and origin, the days of the week, regular verbs. [10 pages]

Die Jahreszeiten und das Wetter [ Deutsch A1 ] Preview
summary: The seasons of the year, talking about the weather, gap-filling exercises, crossword puzzle, great pictures. [13 pages]

Nominativ & Akkusativ [ Deutsch A1 ] Preview
summary: Rules Nominativ & Akkusativ, pronouns and prepositions in Akkusativ, various exercises with graphics. [18 pages]

Sich vorstellen [ Deutsch A1 ] Preview
summary: Introducing yourself, dialogues, business vocabulary, talking about work, pronouns, asking questions and answering. [13 pages] 

Familie [Deutsch A1 ] Preview

summary:Introducing yourself and family members, learning the names of family members, analyzing a family tree, with lots of exercises and a crossword puzzle. [14 pages]  


Die Zimmer und die Gegenstände in einem Haus [ Deutsch A2 ] Preview
summary: Learn to describe your house in German, furniture in German, genders, contains audio, lots of graphics. [13 pages] 

Das Perfekt [ Deutsch A2 ] Preview
summary: Rules of the Perfect tense, learn verbs of movement and change of state verbs in the Perfect tense, separable and non-separable verbs in the Perfect tense, gap-filling exercises, translation exercises. [16 pages]

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